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Add row (AND contition)
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Creating your new email list

  1. In the first column, select a condition from the list
  2. In the 2nd column, pick if you want that condition to be: "Is", "Is not", "Begin with", "Not begin with", "End with", "Not end with", "Contain string" or "Not contain string" of the following value in the 3rd column.
  3. In the 3rd column, select the values of the condition you have chosen. You can select multiple values but these values will be considered "OR", meaning only one of them need to exist to be considered in the results. All values can be string array with comma (,) delimer.
  4. To add an "AND" value, start a new row of condition selections and repeat the process above.

Explanation of email format

Email example Email local part Domain Second-level domain (TLD) Top-level domain john.smith example com info wikipedia org sales net john_dow example john.smith www.example com
More Info: Email local part? Domain? Second-level domain? (TLD) Top-level domain?

Curent limits for new list

This list will be made with this limits:
  • Max. total emails of list = 2000000
  • Max. number of domains of list = 2000000
  • Max. emails per each domain in list = 2000000